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First to Blink

A man holds his wife and son at gunpoint.  The domestic dispute sparks global attention.  Why?  Because the woman is a renowned scientist leading the fight against Parkinson’s disease.  And the man is a prominent U.S. congressman.  

What caused the popular statesman to crack?  Why would he self-destruct and snuff out a bright political future?

FBI Special Agent Regan Manning may have a clue.  She and her partner have spent months piecing together a murky trail of illegal bribes and were a day away from arresting Congressman Jon Haines.  But the standoff forestalls the arrest and sets off a firestorm in D.C.’s explosive political environment.  

Regan suspects a link to the congressman’s longtime mentor, a former U.S. defense secretary who still wields enormous power in Washington.  Her relentless probe of the man, a vocal critic of the FBI, sets her bosses on edge—and lands Regan in a high-stakes standoff of her own.