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FBI Special Agent Regan Manning would rather take a bullet than return to her hometown as head of protective detail for the Alaska Energy Summit. She fled Juneau five years earlier, disgraced over the revelation of an affair with her married partner. And she is estranged from her father, Juneau’s mayor, with whom she must coordinate security for the summit.

The president’s new energy plan includes a nuclear waste facility in Alaska’s interior, so Regan feels torn when she’s forced to protect the dignitaries from a growing mob of angry protestors threatening to invade the summit site.

Just when it seems the pressure can’t get any worse, the U.S. energy secretary goes missing and Regan faces a hostage situation deep inside an abandoned goldmine.  Left with too many unanswered questions, she is determined to find out why someone wanted the secretary dead—and uncovers a plot that reaches as high as the White House and as far as the Middle East.

“Perseverance is a riveting novel and is highly recommended.”  Midwest Book Review